We Believe In A Safety Culture

At Hadean we believe in a culture dedicated to safety; our employees are our #1 asset. Safety is our top priority.

We have developed strict safety procedures and protocols, which are consistently monitored and enforced. Our state-of-the-art equipment has innovative safety features built into the designs, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders.

Hadean is aggregate production done safely, precisely and on time.

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Our Values


“Safety is our foundation and stands strong at Hadean”

At Hadean, safety is our culture and is what allows us to be a leader in the industry. Creating and maintaining a culture which promotes safety is our first and foremost priority. Hadean has designed and built equipment and processes around the safety of our entire team; this includes all of the industry professionals we work with. We are committed to continuously training our employees and maintaining a high level of safety standards, while always providing a safe and efficient work site for our continued success. 


“We work relentlessly to uphold our promises and commitments”

Our team at Hadean is made up of unparalleled industry professionals. We value and appreciate the knowledge and skills each professional brings to the team. We support perpetual learning and development through our mentors; this allows all our employees to become experts in their field. We promote mutual growth, a safe, healthy and happy culture and an environment the crew is honoured to be a part of. We work relentlessly to uphold our promises and commitments.


“Integrity is not situational; it is a state of mind”

At Hadean, integrity is not situational; it is a state of mind. Our clients will feel this integrity by virtue of our team’s hard work and dedication; clear and consistent communication; and by maintaining transparency in all interactions. Through mutual trust, our team will build profound long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. We will work together to find the best possible solutions, while keeping safety and the goals of our client a common priority.


“We embrace change and innovation”

At Hadean, we pride ourselves on creativity, we think “outside the box” and we believe there are various ways one can accomplish a goal. We aim to create additional efficiencies, increased productivity and we always welcome new ideas and opportunities. We embrace change and innovation, and are continually looking to improve our processes and procedures. We invest in top-of-the-line equipment which supports our team to produce top quality work, while protecting the environment and delivering excellent service to our clients.

Hadean Aggregate Solutions is a locally owned company that thrives on Safety, Customer Service and Quality.

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