Hadean Aggregate Solutions Environment

Hadean Aggregate Solutions strives to do the work we need to do in the environment while having the least amount of impact to it’s ecological systems.

Need an environmental plan?

Our Environmental Mission

At Hadean Aggregate Solutions, we value the environment and its sustainability. Our commitment is to ensure the continued stability of our natural resources; we hold our team and stakeholders accountable for the future success of the aggregate industry. By utilizing the newest and most advanced equipment on the market today, we offer a safe, efficient and sustainable process which mitigates overall environmental impact.

Let’s work together to implement a secure and lasting solution for years to come.

Decreasing Wastage

Our team is able to adapt and customize its plant configuration for each gravel deposit or quarry application to reduce waste product and optimize the given resource potential. By modifying our plant matrix, we are able to utilize more of the resource in the desired final product.

Additionally, we are capable of blending or resizing potential by-product into a usable secondary product, as a value-added service for our clients. We will utilize all material as it’s available, minimize waste, and preserve future resources, while maximizing our clients’ long-term profits.

Building A Sustainable Community
At Hadean Aggregate Solutions, we truly believe that people matter. We are committed to a culture that promotes corporate social responsibility, and this can be witnessed though fair treatment of our employees and all our stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on community involvement and strive to support many different charities and organizations in our local and global communities. Currently, our team donates to organizations such as Playing for Change, the SPCA and The Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation.

We are focused on maintaining an ethical framework that enables us to provide our services in a profitable, sustainable and responsible way.

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