Hadean Aggregate Solutions Services

Hadean Aggregate Solutions offers loading and delivery of aggregate materials throughout the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia with our Stone Slinger truck and conventional dump trucks.

Where would you like us to deliver?

Hadean Aggregate Solutions Services

We are your go-to experts for loading and delivering aggregate material to your project site. We partner with industry leaders in logging, road building and quality control to provide the best possible solution for each project.

Hadean Aggregate Solutions Stone Slinger Truck Services

Stone Slinger Delivery

Our Stone Slinger Truck paird with our extremely skilled operators are able to shoot aggregate materials like sand, gravel and rock in very tight or awkward spaces directly where you need it. Eliminating the need for additional material handeling or extra equipment.

Hadean Aggregate Solutions Sand and Gravel Services

Sand & Gravel Delivery

Our converntional Dump Trucks get loaded at our pit and deliver your sand and gravel in a timely manner to your site so your project gets done on time.

Hadean Aggregate Solutions Material Delivery Services

Other Material Delivery

Whether you need material moved from one location to another or need aggregate material we don’t have redily available at our pit, our trucks are ready to facilitate your aggregate material hauling needs whatever they may be.