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Customization is made effortless with Hadean Aggregate Solutions. Our team of industry experts, along with our adaptable plant configurations are known for consistently achieving challenging material specifications. We do this through our innate ability to analyze materials prior to and during production.

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Our Products

Drain Rocks

Well graded, washed aggregate.  Primarily used in the production of concrete.  Also used in drainage applications.

Road base

A well graded base material used for heavy traffic applications and an excellent wet weather product. Perfect material for driveways and under a concrete slab.


All of our sand is produced from some of the highest quality sand and gravel reserves.

19mm MMCD or 25mm Well graded (road gravel)

This product has good options for driveway surface gravel because they are small stones combined with rock dust which makes a more solid driving surface. It can also be used for walkways and back fillings.

75mm SGSB or 3” road gravel

This product is an option for underneath the road base, used for the road structure. It’s a coarse aggregate if you are rebuilding roadways.

6mm-15mm drain rock

This product is a good option for under footing, slabs, or drain rock up against drainage pipe and top dressing for muddy driveways or walkways.

¼ screen sand or bedding sand

This product is a great option to bed pipe, used under slabs or for backfill.

3/8 pea rock

This product is a decorative rock and can also be used as exposed aggregate in concrete. It’s even used on walkways.

1 1/2″ to 2” drain rock

This product is very popular for decorative flower beds and walkways. It is used in a wet area that needs drainage, back filling new construction.

All our products have been tested by qualified Quality & Control company, j test results or sieves of our products are available.

Hadean Aggregate Solutions is a locally owned company that thrives on Safety, Customer Service and Quality.

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